Review: Take and Bake Pizza

Reviewing: Bake Homemade Pizza

Order: Small 10″ Cheese

Overall Score: 10 out of 15

  • Crust: 4/5 – Thin crust with a great crisp and crunch on the bottom.
  • Cheese: 3/5 – Shredded mozzarella that had nice elasticity.
  • Sauce: 3/5 – A light tomato sauce that’s a bit on the sweet side.

Bake Homemade Pizza stands out because they use fresh and locally sourced ingredients to create delectable pizzas for patrons to take home to bake in their own ovens. It’s a treat to have the aroma of an artisan eatery in your own kitchen. When I checked to see if the pizza was done the sight of the cheese popping and sizzling almost brought a tear to my eye, no joke, it was a special moment.

The experience of baking the pizza was so enjoyable that it overshadowed the pizza itself. Cheese pizza is one of my favorites, but even I can admit it isn’t the most thrilling. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other offerings, perhaps the Poblano and Chicken Sausage, Famers Market, Popeye, Sausage and Caramelized Onions, or their seasonal pizza (I think it’s mushroom currently) and revisiting their overall score.

Bake Homemade Pizza in Glencoe started selling slices and since I work in the area I’m excited to forget my lunch every now and again. 😜

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