Blaze Pizza: Broadening My Horizons

When I first started going to Blaze, I most frequently ordered their ‘simple pie’: red sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and that’s it. Their ‘signature pizzas’ looked good, but I was unsure which one to pick and scared I wouldn’t like it. I appreciated the potential variations and flavor combinations a ‘build your own pizza’ afforded, only I never ordered one. I feared I’d choose ingredients that clashed and end up wasting the meal.

I’ve been making an effort to try different kinds of pizzas in preparation for 365 days of pizza so I can enjoy a nice variety throughout the year and hopefully not get burnt out (as if, pizza forever!).

Blaze is going to be a great option when I need to switch things up. If I’m sick of red sauce, great, let’s do white cream or garlic pesto sauce. Over mozzarella? No problem, if I don’t want to go cheese-less (which is, of course, always an option) there are at least 5 other types of cheeses to try. There’s no shortage of selections when it comes to meats and veggies, plus, they’ve got 6 different finishing sauces (the balsamic drizzle is my current fav).

Earlier this week, I took the long route home from a night class so I could use a buy one/get one free mailer promotion a friend gave me before it expired. I can get flustered so I had my order all planned out in a note on my phone before I walked in:

Pizza 1: White cream sauce, mozzarella, chicken, chopped garlic, spinach, sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and pesto drizzle finish.

Pizza 2: Red sauce, mozzarella and ricotta, sausage, basil, roasted garlic, red onion, artichoke, and balsamic drizzle finish.

My order didn’t go exactly according to plan. Somehow I blurted out mushrooms when I was selecting ingredients for Pizza 2. Mushrooms were already on Pizza 1 and it was my intention to have completely different toppings on Pizza 2 (oh well, who cares). On the spot, I decided I didn’t want basil, artichokes or ricotta on Pizza 2 after-all. It seemed like a lot and you know how paranoid I am about making poor pizza topping choices.

I think Pizza 2 was my favorite, mainly because I’ve fallen in love with Blaze’s sausage. A few weeks ago I added it to their signature Art Lover pizza and it was a complete game changer. Pizza 1 had some toppings I tried for the first time and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them. Turns out, sauteed onions aren’t my jam, at least not when I’m picking the toppings. I’m sure there’s a pizzeria out there that could convince me otherwise, we’ll see if it comes up in the future. I had half of each pizza leftover and when I reheated Pizza 1 I hope I finally learned my lesson: I don’t enjoy reheated spinach. I am, however, excited to have white cream and pesto sauce to switch things up when I need a break from red sauce.

This isn’t an endorsement for Blaze. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I am a fan who lives relatively close to one of their locations.

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