Pizza Reviews from 365 Days of Pizza: Day 15

BREAKFAST: Leftover “Garlic Chicken Alfredo” pizza from Leona’s Pizzeria

SCORE: 9 out of 12

WHY: I had a tough time explaining this score. Leona’s crust is buttery with a good crunch. The cheese and toppings were balanced nicely. I didn’t have anything I could point to that was ‘wrong’ with it. I realized the reason I couldn’t give this pizza a higher score is because there was nothing special about it. It’s what I’d expect when I order a “Garlic Chicken Alfredo” pizza, but nothing more. To earn a 10 or higher a pizza has to wow me and as tasty as this pie was, it was a bit lackluster.

LUNCH: Leftover “Cheese” pizza from Roots Handmade

SCORE: 6 out of 9

WHY: There was a bit too much sauce and way too much cheese. I often have leftovers and it was the first time I’ve had trouble finding the crust under the cheese. It was disappointing that their delicious crust (my favorite part of their pizza!) was drowned in red sauce and cheese. It’s strange because last weekend I had their “American Breakfast” pizza and loved it. Looking back, I think it might have been heavy on the cheese then too, but it was less noticeable with all the other toppings.

DINNER: “Anything Goes” pizza from Bake Homemade with pistachio pesto, mozzarella, sausage, brussels sprouts, marinated artichokes, cherry tomatoes, poblano peppers, red onions, crimini mushrooms and pine nuts.

SCORE: 12 out of 12

WHY: This was a true pizza love story! I’m frequently nervous about choosing flavors that clash and I had no reason to be today. The flavors were spread out perfectly and I was able to taste a touch of each one in nearly every bite. It helps that they’re farm to table so the ingredients are as fresh as can be!


Pizza is scored out of 12 points: 3 for crust, 3 for sauce, 3 for cheese and 3 for toppings. If a pizza is missing an element, for example the Roots pizza in this post, it is scored without the points for that element (Roots got 6 points out of 9 possible points).

If I visit a restaurant in person, there’s an additional 6 points: 2 for atmosphere, 2 for service and 2 for bathrooms. Why on earth am I rating bathrooms? When I was a kid my family joked I would grow up to rate bathrooms at restaurants because I always had strong opinions, so of course I had to include points for bathrooms 😂).

It’s a work in process and if scoring rules change I’ll post an update!


I feel good! I’m a bit bloated, but otherwise I still look forward to every meal and my affection for pizza has not dwindled in the slightest. If anything, I keep coming across more and more pizzas to add to my list of must-try pizzerias.

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