Pizza Reviews from 365 Days of Pizza: Day 17

BREAKFAST & LUNCH: Last of the leftover’s from Bake Homemade! (see score here)

DINNER: Pizzeria Serio “Sweet Heat” with Mama Lil’s peppers, sausage and honey drizzle.

SCORE: 18 out of 18 points for pizza and restaurant*

WHY: This is the first pizza I’ve ever tried with honey drizzle and I loved it! I really enjoyed the flavor combinations of the sweet honey drizzle, seasoned sausage and hot yet sweet peppers. I did pick most of the hot peppers off because I find them overpowering in general, but I liked the touch of heat from the leftover juice still on the pizza.


I felt really full tonight. As much as I enjoyed “Sweet Heat” it took me well over an hour to eat 3 slices while my dear friend next to me finished off a small pie in the same time. I was worried about how I’d feel the next day because I had plans to go to Lou Malnati’s for dinner and it’s a much heavier pizza, so if I already wasn’t feeling well, how was I going to do after that? Spoiler alert, I woke up fine. I drank a bit more bone broth than usual, guzzled a ton of water and felt great. BRING ON THE PIZZA!


Pizza is scored out of 12 points: 3 for crust, 3 for sauce, 3 for cheese and 3 for toppings. If a pizza is missing an element, for example the Roots pizza in this post, it is scored without the points for that element (Roots got 6 points out of 9 possible points).

If I visit a restaurant in person, there’s an additional 6 points: 2 for atmosphere, 2 for service and 2 for bathrooms. Why on earth am I rating bathrooms? When I was a kid my family joked I would grow up to rate bathrooms at restaurants because I always had strong opinions, so of course I had to include points for bathrooms 😂).

It’s a work in process and if scoring rules change I’ll post an update!

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