Pizza Reviews from 365 Days of Pizza: Day 18

BREAKFAST & LUNCH: Leftover Pizzeria Serio (see score here)

DINNER: Lou Malnati’s “Deep Dish Malnati Chicago Classic” with lean sausage, extra mozzarella cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce on their trademarked Buttercrust.

DESSERT: Deep Dish Cookie “Pizza” chocolate chip cookie baked in a personal size pizza pan topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

SCORE: 18 out of 18*

WHY: This meal was perfect from start to finish. The restaurant is clean, inviting and well lit. The environment itself is relaxing, a key feature when you’re waiting for deep dish to cook. Our server, Dulce, was amazing! I didn’t expect to encounter such a kindred spirit on this visit, but it must have been kismet because there she was. When she had a moment between tables she would stop by and talk with us about local pizzas, how she spent her day off eating pizza, and the pizza tattoo she has commemorating her commitment to ‘za.

We went with Dulce’s recommendation for pizza and it was unbelievably good. I’m obsessed with their crust! I always thought it used cornmeal since it had a similar texture, crunchier and grittier than the traditional flour crust, but the manager, Cassandra Van Alstin, let me know it’s a common misconception, it’s actually a flour-based crust. It was a surprising discovery that made their pizza all the more impressive to me!

I wasn’t planning on it, but as soon as Dulce mentioned that cookie pizza my heart sang. My sugar addiction is so strong and whilst pizza does have some sugar in elements like sauce and crust it doesn’t compare to overloading on a cookie covered in ice cream and whipped cream. I’ve been missing sweets and this satiated my desire wonderfully!



I’m committed to being 100% honest in these updates and as DELICIOUS as this day was, when I got home I was truly suffering. My stomach felt so full I was almost nauseous and thank goodness Gus Gus was the only one here to witness my disgusting flatulence (sorry buddy).


Pizza is scored out of 12 points: 3 for crust, 3 for sauce, 3 for cheese and 3 for toppings. If a pizza is missing an element, for example the Roots pizza in this post, it is scored without the points for that element (Roots got 6 points out of 9 possible points).

If I visit a restaurant in person, there’s an additional 6 points: 2 for atmosphere, 2 for service and 2 for bathrooms. Why on earth am I rating bathrooms? When I was a kid my family joked I would grow up to rate bathrooms at restaurants because I always had strong opinions, so of course I had to include points for bathrooms 😂).

It’s a work in process and if scoring rules change I’ll post an update!

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