30 Pizza Recommendations from Super Slice Me

For the month of April, I ate pizza at every single meal and reader — rest assured I enjoyed every second of it. For this food log recap I’ve kept it to, shall we say, the best slice of the day. I’d recommend each of these to anyone who’s a fan of pizza and likes a good slice in their life:

DAY 1: Blaze Build-Your-Own Pizza

DAY 2: Jet’s Turbo Crust Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

DAY 3: Breakfast Best Pizza Bagel Bites (from seasonal cooler at Aldi)

DAY 4: Zizi’s Cafe Lahmacun

DAY 5: Knead Alice in Wonderland Pizza

DAY 6: Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe Cheese Pizza

DAY 7: Roots Breakfast Pizza

DAY 8: Knead Top of the Mornin’ to Ya Pizza

DAY 9: Bake Homemade Anything Goes

DAY 10: Homemade Tiramisu Dessert Pizza

DAY 11: Coalfire Bacon Jam Pizza
DAY 12: Coalfire White Pizza

DAY 14: Lunchables Cheese Pizza

DAY 15: Roots Cheese Pizza

DAY 16: Little Red Hen Pepperoni Pizza

DAY 17: Pizzeria Serio Sweet Heat Pizza

DAY 18: Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Cookie (the Malnati Chicago Classic was also tasty, but I didn’t get a good pic!)

DAY 19: Whole Foods Cheese Pizza Slice

DAY 20: Dimo’s Chicken and Waffle Pizza

DAY 21: Dimo’s S’Mores Pizza

DAY 22: Fat Chris’s Pizza and Such Detroit-style Cheese Pizza

DAY 23: Jet’s Turbo Crust Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

DAY 24: Bella Bacino’s Bacino Special Deep Dish Pizza
DAY 25: Bagel Bites Cheese Pizza

DAY 26: The Chicago House of ‘Za Buff Chix Pan Pizza

DAY 27: Parlor I Feel Like Bacon Love Pizza

DAY 28: Parlor Honey Boo Boo Pizza

DAY 29: Bake Homemade Sausage Pizza
DAY 30: Table5 Pepperoni Pizza


I did formal scoring for most of the pizzas listed above including a number score and a written explanation. I’ve made the spreadsheet available to view for anyone who’s interested, beware, it’s still a work in progress. You can check it out here.

I’m also working on a spreadsheet I like to call “The Holy Grail” that includes every single pizza recommendation I’ve been given, their website, their location, their phone number, and if someone recommended someone specific. It’s not ready for viewing but if anyone’s interested in sneaking a peek let me know at pizzalovestories@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.


My affection for pizza hasn’t waned in the slightest. It’s May 9th and I’ve still been eating plenty of pizza. My stomach, on the other hand, wasn’t the biggest fan of the challenge. There was a lot of bloating and for the last 10 days I didn’t have much of an appetite because I felt so full, BUT, my stomach is cool with pizza…. just not for 30 days straight.

I wish I had been able to film more, but I underestimated how much of an undertaking this was and spread myself so thin I got burnt out on documenting the experience. I did, however, learn a TON about filming and look forward to taking on less intensive pizza projects as they come in.


I am filming the pizza making process at Craft Pizza Chicago soon and I’m working on some other collaborations with local pizzerias and frozen pizza brands.

I’m also considering… 365 days of pizza!

I wouldn’t eat pizza for every meal, but I would eat some sort of pizza each day. I’m considering starting in July, August, or September to give my stomach enough time to recover from April’s Super Slice Me a.k.a. 30 Days of Pizza. Am I crazy? I hope it’s clear by now that I’m eccentric if nothing else.

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