30 Pizza Recommendations from Super Slice Me

For the month of April, I ate pizza at every single meal and reader — rest assured I enjoyed every second of it. For this food log recap I’ve kept it to, shall we say, the best slice of the day. I’d recommend each of these to anyone who’s a fan of pizza and likes a good slice in their life:

DAY 1: Blaze Build-Your-Own Pizza

DAY 2: Jet’s Turbo Crust Deep Dish Cheese Pizza

DAY 3: Breakfast Best Pizza Bagel Bites (from seasonal cooler at Aldi)
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Pizza Reviews from 365 Days of Pizza: Day 15

BREAKFAST: Leftover “Garlic Chicken Alfredo” pizza from Leona’s Pizzeria

SCORE: 9 out of 12

WHY: I had a tough time explaining this score. Leona’s crust is buttery with a good crunch. The cheese and toppings were balanced nicely. I didn’t have anything I could point to that was ‘wrong’ with it. I realized the reason I couldn’t give this pizza a higher score is because there was nothing special about it. It’s what I’d expect when I order a “Garlic Chicken Alfredo” pizza, but nothing more. To earn a 10 or higher a pizza has to wow me and as tasty as this pie was, it was a bit lackluster.

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